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Start Saving Immediately with Mthmr

Mthmr Helps you better manage your financials by making savings seamless and effortless

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Why Mthmr?

Mthmr is the only savings app that actually does the whole process of saving for you. Plus, Mthmr can invest your savings in a portfolio that suits your needs.

Fully Automated

All transactions, investments, and actions can be 100% automated.

24/7 Live Support

we are always available to see our users need and provide the adequate support to them.

Secure Data

We are as safe as a bank when it comes to data security

The Most Useful Savings Tool Made Just for YOU!!

We give you the ability to choose how much, how often, and how you want to save. We also give you the option whether you want to invest your savings or not.

  • Choose how much you want to save with each transaction by setting up the round-up value that suits you.
  • Set recurring deposits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Invest in low, med or high-risk investment portfolios.
  • Set a goal that you want to save for, all you do is say how much and when you need to reach your goal and Mthmr does it all

Quick and Easy with Great Features

Mthmr has a lot to offer

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Round Up Transactions

Mthmr round up your transactions to the nearest 1, 5, 10, 50 or 100 SAR and save the rounded-up amount.

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Awesome Cashbacks

Mthmr offers you a wide variety of partners that provide our clients with cashback offers

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Spending Analysis

Mthmr Analyziz your spending habits and work with you to find ways to save.

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Free services

Mthmr Offers its’ users tons of free services

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Our Process

Mthmr Makes savings and investing seamless

Profile Setup

Setups your roundup value, recurring deposits, and goals.

Profile Building

Mthmr Starts giving you options and offers that suits your needs and savings goals.

Enjoy a better future

With your savings goal met you will be able to achieve all the goals of your life


Download and start saving for a better future

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Our Prices

Mthmr is free , however extra services require subscription.

  • Mthmr is free, however extra services require subscription
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  • All the Features of the app including Personalized offers made just for you.
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Money Saved

Frequently Asked Questions


all your data are kept very safe like if they were with a bank.

Mthmr is free, however extra services requires subscription.

Mthmr is the best available tool for savings in the Saudi market.

Mthmr does provide a Debit Card on App however a physical card can be ordered for a fee.

Our Team Members

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Abdulrahman O. Qumsani
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Abdulrahman F. Bin Nujayfan

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